Why should we even have to think about whether or not a school is inclusive? The fact is that the system is so designed that people with similar abilities and similar ages go to the same classes in the same schools. Where a child has different abilities because of physical or mental problems, or a stressful home situation, exclusion from the same school as neighbouring children is almost an inevitable result, and he or she is shunted off to a special school which is more suitable, in the minds of the authorities, for that young person's abilities. The results of this of course is that the child has now got no possibility whatsoever, except under very exceptional circumstances, of achieving the same level of education as the rest of the children in the area and therefore continues to fall further and further behind in educational development. The logic therefore of placing children with difficulties in a separate school environment to their peers is perverse; it is as though the child is being punished for the crime of being below the average educational ability, and that punishment is to be pushed further and further down below the level that everyone else can reasonably expect to achieve. This is why the inclusive school concept was first born.

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Although here in the 21st century there is now nothing new about the idea of including children with learning difficulties in normal schools it is become increasingly accepted worldwide that we are all different, and diversity is something to be celebrated and not shunned. A democratic society is a society open to all, with equal opportunities for every member of that society and therefore inclusion is a matter of ethics, pure and simple. Children with learning difficulties are helped along by the companionship of other children with normal attainments, and they all learn how to live together and coexist naturally without any prejudices. The other children also benefit from this, by learning that not only are human beings infinitely varied, but that we all have our own individual strengths and weaknesses, and children who learn at an early age to accept this are far more likely to grow up into tolerant, and well balanced adults. The teachers benefit from the satisfaction of knowing that they are doing everything possible to bring out the full potential development of children whether they have natural advantages are not, and society as a whole benefits from the acceptance of the fact that every single member of our global society is of equal value.

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